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30KW 三相三线式超高瓦数工业级标准电源

MEAN WELL SHP-30K Series, 30KW 3 Phase 3 Wire High Efficiency Digital Power Supply

        SHP-30K 系列为目前全球最高瓦数的单体 30KW 高功率 AC/DC 标准电源供应器,输入电压 AC 三相三线式,DC 输出则提供了包含符合低压 55V (<60V SELV) 及高压 (HVDC) 输出的 115V/ 230V/ 380V 等四种标准机型;特别适用于各类新能源与先进工业应用领域,如:储能柜、储能墙、氢能、风能与太阳能、EV 电动车 DC 快速充电系统等相关应用,工业 IT 大数据服务器与机房不断电 UPS 系统电源,5G 基地台及各类网通系统... 


1000W 320%峰值功率机壳型电源

MEAN WELL HRPG-1000N3 Series, 1000W Enclosed Type Power Supply with 320% Peak Power

        本次新增具320%峰值功率机壳型 HRPG-1000N3 系列,提供客户更高瓦特数的使用需求;机壳型应用的产业领域广泛,包含各种电机设备或电子控制使用。当搭配电感性负载像是马达类产品时,在开机瞬间就需要提供较高的开机功率,或在搭配电子控制线路时则会有较多的储能电容以致开机瞬间也会有大电流的电容性负载应用。因此,明纬全新 HRP(G)-150/ 300/ 600/ 1000N3 系列,主要协助客户在不需要加大电源瓦数情况下... 



MEAN WELL LRS-N2 Series 100W~600W Enclosed Type Power Supply with 200% Peak Power

        本次新上市的LRS-100/200/350/600 N2 产品,与旧款LRS 系列最大的差异在于增加可达5 秒200% 瞬间峰值功率的设计;减少客户搭配各种瞬间大电流启动应用问题,客户不需购买较高瓦数来使用,而是可搭配正常功率结合有瞬间峰值功率的电源来使用,降低电源采购成本及协助客户改善应用问题。同时输出电压也提供以工业设备常用电压 12V/24V/36V/48V 等机型为主... 














MEAN WELL UHP-1000 series, RCP-2000 series and RKP-CMU1 series

As an expansion of the previous SHP-10K series, the SHP-30K not only meets the customer demands by increasing the wattage but also improves the output parallel function up to >300KW, provides complete programmable output voltage (PV) and current (PC) control functions, built-in CAN Bus communication protocol (optional PMBus or Modbus); it also provides OLP/OTP/OVP protections, DC-OK/Fan Failure/AC Failure/Over Temperature Alarm signals, and 12V DC auxiliary power. This enables users to quickly integrate and monitor with terminal equipment for automation purposes.

The HRP (G) series is positioned as a high-end enclosed-type industrial power supply, designed with a double-sided layout PCB and provides a variety of control functions: such as DC OK/Remote ON-OFF/Remote Sense and parallel functions (>600W). The double-sided PCB layout offers stable quality in harsh vibration or high ambient temperature applications for the industrial field, related monitoring functions can be used in combination with human-machine interface and automation control. In addition, MEAN WELL also provides HRP(G)-N3 series products with >300% peak power, which can be used with inductive loads or capacitive loads that require peak power, providing customers with a complete solution for standard industrial power supply.

The enclosed-type is one of the major product lines, MEAN WELL also continues to develop new products to provide more standardized power supplies to serve global customers and various industrial applications. The biggest difference between the newly-launched LRS-100/200/350/600 N2 series and the previous LRS is providing instant 200% peak power for up to 5 seconds, which reduces the issues when matching with various instantaneous high current during startup applications. Customers don't need to buy higher wattage, simply use it with a normal wattage that combined with instantaneous peak power. By doing so, this can not only reduce the purchasing cost of power supply but also help customers to improve application problems. The output voltage provided this time are 12V/24V/36V/48V models, which are commonly used in industrial equipment. The other mechanical dimensions are the same as the previous LRS series, making it convenient for customers to replace them.

The NCP-3200 series provides 3 output voltage models, including low-voltage SELV-compliant DC 24VDC/ 48VDC and high-voltage DC 380VDC, which can be used in a wide variety of power electronics, communication industries and energy systems' equipment.

In response to market needs, MEAN WELL's ERG-5000 series power inverter provides 2 types of input voltage models: Blank type (10~60 VDC) and H type (60~420 VDC). Customers can choose according to the production aging and energy recycling application requirements of different industries, such as battery testing equipment, charging energy storage systems, charging piles and others.

In recent years, due to the needs created by rapid urban development, the demand for safe, reliable, certified and smart security/ fire alarm power supplies has been increasing. Accordingly, MEAN WELL is announcing its new Enclosed Type Economical Security/ Fire Alarm Power Supply LAD-120/ 240/ 360/ 600 series.